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December 13, 2019 2 min read

I'm not one to pat myself on the back, but today I will spend the next two paragraphs doing exactly that.  

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves in a very distressing position.  As a startup with seasonal sales, it is no secret that November and December are the biggest months of the year for us.  The problem was, we had just received a small loan but had no product to sell! At the same time, there was too much lead time to place an order and get our product in time for Christmas...

Restless in bed, I had an idea that came to me... "What if I just fly down there and get the toys myself"?  Yes, why not fly halfway across the globe to go stuff four large duffle bags with dog toys to save Christmas?  The idea seemed just crazy enough to work!

Well, fast forward four days, and I was getting on a plane at 4:30 am to head over to the Philippines.  My trip went as such... 20 hours from Boston to Tokyo, 6 hours from Tokyo to Manila, Philippines.  I slept in my hotel and drove over to our farm the next morning where we spent an hour stuffing the bags I brought to the absolute limit with CocoChew's.  At midnight, that evening, I was picked up and driven back to the airport where I flew from Manila to Beijing, China. Then I flew from Beijing to JFK International Airport in New York! 


After all was said and done, I spent roughly 26 hours flying to the Philippines, then spent about 20 hours in the Philippines, and finally flew for 28 hours back to the United States... PHEWWWWW! It was a long trip, but having the chance to spend a day with our friends in the Philippines is one that I never take lightly.  They are incredibly kind, funny, welcoming, and it is always a pleasure to spend time with them!

We did it!  So as a gift from me to you and your dog, I would like to announce that Christmas has been saved!  The toys are stocked and flying off the (online) shelves.  I never want to guilt people into buying a toy but... after reading this journey I do not understand how one could not be compelled to purchase a toy *wink*.  

Use code: HOLIDAYS19 at checkout to get 15% OFF and get a FREE shipping option if you spend $30+

Happy Holidays!

-Chip aka CocoChew's Santa

Chip Linton
Chip Linton

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