Feel Good Animal Rescue Stories from NHSPCA Staff!

With "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month coming to an end, we decided to cap the month off with some happy adoption stories from NHSPCA staff. The results did not disappoint! 

"Atlas came to the NHSPCA in a transport from Mississippi not long after we had lost our last dog. I knew from his picture that he was the one before he even arrived. He has the sweetest temperament and loves people and other dogs. My husband and I take him everywhere with us! He makes me smile every day and we're so lucky to have found each other." - Lindsey and Colin

"Jazzie lived in the same home with the same family for 12 years before they decided they didn’t have time to care for her anymore. The first moment I saw her is one I will never forget. Jazz was trembling in the corner of her kennel, but when I went over and crouched down at the door, she came right over, putting her bravest face on and melting my heart all at the same time. She has become one of the very best parts of my life, and was the piece I never knew I was missing. When I first adopted her, it was as though I could actually see her worries melt away as days passed by. Jazz is no longer a broken dog. She’s confident, happy and healthy and she rests easy knowing she’s finally with her forever family. Rescuing a senior dog is easily the best decision I have ever made – and she rewards me every single day by just being her." - Melissa and Trevor

"A few years ago, I got a call about two horses left on a remote property in northern NH. The family of the owner was desperate to surrender the remaining animals as the water and electricity had been shut off and the animals were living in squalor. We went up with a horse trailer to pick up the horses. Flash forward 6 hours and we left with an empty trailer and one very shy but bright-eyed border collie in the backseat (don’t worry, the horses found new homes!). That was the very first time I met my Sapphie, the senior border collie who would later complete our little family of fur-kids. Sapphie is one of the best parts of my day- every day. She is our quirky, silly, little cuddle bug. She brings us so much joy with her wild blue eyes and exuberant “welcome home” howls. Sapphie is my constant shadow and I could not imagine life without her." - Carrie and Conor

Stories like Altas, Jazzie, and Sapphie's are great examples of how adopting a rescue dog can bring happiness into your life while drastically improving theirs as well. If you are interested in learning more about the animals available for adoption at NHSPCA, please visit their website -https://nhspca.org/