Helpful Tips For Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks

New Year's Eve is an exciting time, but for your dog, it can be loud and stressful. Fireworks, noise-makers, and rowdy parties can make NYE confusing and unpleasant for our four-legged friends.  Here are 5 tips that can make this New Year's Eve a little less stressful for your pup!
By: Chris Lovell

1. Tire Them Out!
Best case scenario is your dog sleeps through the firework finale, your kids doing laps around the kitchen with noisemakers, or your rowdy friends dancing to Lizzo (let's hope there’s less Lizzo in 2020). So TIRE that pupper out with some exercise, playdates with other dogs, or a game of chase at the local dog park.
2. Create a "Safe Haven"
Okay so you spent the entire day getting active with your dog AND THEY STILL HAVE ENERGY! Find the quietest room in your house and create a little sanctuary for them. Find a soft dog bed or some comforters, close the blinds to muffle outside noise, and put on some white noise to distract them. Search on Youtube for “white noise” or use something around the house like a box fan. Having a quiet room with subtle distractions should help calm them down.
3. "Find Your Thunder Buddy"
Having a hooman around will certainly help calm your dog. Constant attention, petting, and the friendly "You're okay buddy" will help them relax. If you have plans for NYE, see if a friend with no plans will come and hang out with them. 
4. Anti-Anxiety Medication or CBD Products
For extreme circumstances, you should talk to your veterinarian and see if additional measures are needed. They may recommend anti-anxiety medication or go the more natural route and recommend CBD products that are intended for pets. 
📸 : littlepnwpups
5. Food and Toys 
Last but certainly not least- treat your dog to some awesome food. Peanut butter, boiled chicken, their favorite treats, you know the drill. They can start their new year’s resolution diet in the morning! Be sure to have some fun toys around so they can relieve stress by chewing. We recommend sticking to all-natural dog toys such as the CocoChew Classic or the CocoBall Large