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October 21, 2019 3 min read

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog” month, and to celebrate, CocoChew is teaming up with Cisco Brewers Portsmouth by hosting Dogtoberfest. This event will be raising money and awareness for NHSPCA! One of the vendors attending is "Pups n’ Me", a non-profit started by Delaney Kasle and Dennis Meehan! I had the pleasure of interviewing Delaney in order to learn about how Pups n' Me is helping local rescue shelters and to highlight happy adoption stories! 
By Chris Lovell 
Delaney Kasle and Dennis Meehan are a power couple that started the non-profit, Pups n' Me, which gives back to local rescue shelters by donating proceeds from their business and by providing specific supplies that shelters need. 
Similar to the origin of CocoChew, Delaney and Dennis started Pups n' Me while they were in school attending St. Joseph’s College. Delaney says she got her inspiration from her favorite show,Pitbulls and Parolees. “I figured if a family could have such a big effect on pitbulls and other dogs down south, then I can do it in Maine!” 
Delaney and Dennis started designing and selling tee shirts and bracelets around campus and quickly saw potential in Pups n' Me.
It wasn’t until she visited a friend in Chicago that she realized how special rescue dogs can be. This is where Frank comes into the picture. Frank was a fostered pitbull that was “one of the happiest dogs” Delaney had ever seen. She quickly fell in love and realized she needed “to change how people look at sheltered dogs, and how people look at pitbulls.” Frank helped Delaney and Dennis to start the Pups 'n Me ‘Be Kind’ movement, which promotes being kind to all kinds of dog breeds.
Pups n’ Me now sells handcrafted bandanas, leashes, matching scarfs and scarves for humans and canines, and even locally sourced CBD productsfrom Nature’s Summit. All of the proceeds have helped Delaney and Dennis donate to local animal shelters and provide the shelters with supplies they need for both cats and dogs. They frequently work with Animal Welfare Society and Midcoast Humane. 
It was at Midcoast Humane where they met Chubbs, an older black lab that had been in and out of Midcoast humane for 4 years. He showed signs of aggression while he was at the shelter, but when Delaney and Dennis brought him out for a day, they noticed a major change in his personality. “He was the sweetest boy. Even the staff at the rescue said he was their favorite!”
Chubbs was adopted by a friend Delaney’s and now enjoys frequent walks and hikes with his new owner. “The owner said he now goes outside more and hikes with Chubbs every weekend. It is one of those ‘who rescued who’ type stories.” 

Pups n' Me has big plans for the future! Delaney and Dennis’s goal is to open a dog-friendly cafe that partners with a local rescue shelter! This cafe will feature a fenced-in patio in the back where the dogs can play and let their owners get some work done. 

Delaney and Dennis also plan on making a trip to Bali and bringing supplies to aid Bali Rescue Dog Squad, which they have already begun working with. 
To learn more about Pups n' Me check out their website -
Be sure to check out Pups n’ Me’s booth at Dogtoberfest on Saturday, October 26th at Cisco Brewers Portsmouth. They, along with other vendors, will be helping CocoChew raise money for NHSPCA! There will be a dog costume contest, live music, pet vendors, and awesome beer!
Chris Lovell
Chris Lovell

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