Jake and Joe

Meet Jake! The tiny celebrity.
Hi, I'm Jake. It's a good thing I'm handsome and friendly, because I seem to be getting a little bit famous! It all started when the Karlson & McKenzie Show on Boston's Classic Rock 100.7 WZLX decided they wanted to help Operation Delta Dog by sponsoring a veteran-dog team. I had just started my training with a veteran named Joe, and when Karlson & McKenzie saw my picture, they decided that Joe and I were the team they wanted to sponsor! And just like that, I went from homeless dog to service-dog-in-training to local celebrity!
Here's a shot of Joe and me in the WZLX studio with those other celebrities, Pete McKenzie, Kevin Karlson, and Heather Ford.
I know I'm small, but that won't stop me from doing my very best to help Joe with whatever he needs. Truth be told, I'm pretty proud to be working with such an amazing guy... Joe served in the Army and was deployed to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait.
Joe and I have graduated from the Operation Delta Dog training program and I’m now a full fledged service dog.  And with a little extra training I’m also a medic alert dog too – that’s another patch on my vest that I am proud to wear and help Joe.  Thanks to WZLX and Karlson & McKenzie Joe and everyone who made this possible.