Jason and Dove

Doves represent peace, and that's just what I plan to bring to my veteran! His name is Jason, and he served with the U.S. Army Military Police in a faraway place called Iraq. After that, I'd say he deserves a little peace, don't you think? I'm proud to be working with Jason as we learn all we have to learn to turn me into a service dog.
I didn't always have such a excellent life, though. A while back I was actually stuck in a shelter, trapped inside a cage and just hoping someone would come along and give me a home. I was so happy and relieved when my angels arrived in the nick of time: They were volunteers from a place called Last Hope K9 Rescue, and they took me to Massachusetts and took good care of me until Operation Delta Dog found me the perfect veteran. I'll always be grateful to them for rescuing me, and I promise to make them all proud in my very important work as a veteran service dog! Your donation will go a long way toward making that possible for Jason and me, and for all the other veterans and dogs here at OpDD.
Jason and Dove were generously sponsored by a grant from the Petco Foundation's Helping Heroes program. We are so grateful that they helped bring this wonderful pair together.