Sleepy in Seattle - Fremont Fair

Welcome to the West Coast
When CocoChew looks back at the summer of 2018 we will remember it as the summer we spread our story and brand across the country. Our trip to Seattle this past weekend is where this all begins.  The experiences we had made this much more than a business trip. Whether it was taking a hike through Snoqualmie Falls, catching a stunning view of the skyline, or grabbing a beer at a dog- friendly bar Seattle gave us some unforgettable memories. One of the biggest compliments you can give a city is that it makes you feel at home; the hospitality of everyone we met didn't just make me feel at home it made me not want to leave. When we decided to attend a Red Sox game at Safeco Field I did not expect to receive a warm welcome (I was proudly rocking a Benitendi jersey). When we got to the stadium a Mariners employee gave us a spot for free parking and then various fans struck up conversations with us. Chip and I thought we had walked into some type of utopia. Don't get me wrong I love my Red Sox Fans but this would never happen at Fenway. The rest of the trip was much of the same. Good vibes. Good people. And of course plenty of good dogs.
The “business” part of our trip was to attend the Fremont Fair. This event is a street fair that takes place in a quirky,fun little neighborhood ten minutes north of Downtown Seattle. Before the show even started we had some great interactions with the local Fremontians. We knew this was going to be a great weekend. And indeed it was. Our toys were more than well received by the fair’s attendees. We met so many interesting people that fell in love with our story and brand. Not the mention the countless number of cool pups we got to meet. Believe it or not we sold a CocoChew to a coyote husky mix; Don’t worry pics will be coming soon. This event was only further validation that what we are doing at CocoChew is special. Our team could not have asked for a better start to the summer.
Since we stopped doing farmers markets last summer it has felt like something was missing from our company. That something was the inspiring interactions with our customers that drive us forward. After our trip to Seattle, I can confidently say that CocoChew has its mojo back.  So thank you to the people of Seattle for giving us a very warm Welcome to the West Coast.
Thank you,Piper, for putting on a fantastic event. We will definitely be back next year!