Tails N' Ales

The Best Part About ‘Tails N’ Ales’ Isn’t The Beer!
Dogs at brewery with cocochew
This has been a record year for CocoChew and our brewery/animal rescue events known as Tails N’ Ales.  If you’ve never attended a Tails N’ Ales before, here is a quick overview of what they entail. Picture a magical place known as a micro-brewery. Now, imagine dogs, music, and smiles packed into the brewery for one amazing cause; to raise money for the animal rescue. These events have always been fun and fulfilling. But this summer felt different.
At most of our events, the rescue we partner with will bring a handful of dogs who are desperately searching for their forever homes.  While seeing the dogs can be painful, it always warms our hearts to see them out of their shelters/foster homes and outside where they can experience a few hours of normalcy.  Even writing this piece gets me choked up because there really is no greater feeling than seeing the light in a homeless dog’s eyes brighten up like a candle.
Incredibly, over twenty dogs were adopted at our events this summer.  While this number does not make a dent in the overwhelming population of homeless dogs in the United States, it does have an impact.  The world has a lot of changing to do but for these dogs, their world’s were changed forever. On behalf of the CocoChew team and the dogs who have found their forever homes, we would like to thank you! Thank you for attending, adopting and sharing these experiences with us over the course of summer 2K19. Stay tuned for the upcoming events we have planned for this Fall!
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