The Great American Clean-Up

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do your Share
It’s 2018, and hardly anything is being done about the piles and piles of trash plaguing our country. We have all seen the potential outcome of doing nothing.Yet just like a New Year’s resolution it gets put on the backburner time and time again. Americans have taken a reactive approach to this issue rather than being proactive. Have you ever made plans to clean your house, only to be constantly distracted by your TV, fridge, honestly anything to excuse you from the task at hand. Well let’s just multiply that by 300 million over the last 25-50 years.
I’m sure you’ve seen specials on the issue; Leonardo Dicaprio even came out with a documentary (If Leo can't convince us I don't know who can). They convinced me to the point of going up to my colleagues the next day spewing water cooler quotes such as: “Do you know there is a patch of trash in the ocean that is the size of Texas?!”
Name one day you’ve commuted to work and not seen an eye sore piece of trash littering the parking lots, highways, list goes on and on. Most of us think: “Someone else will pick that up later I need to get moving." That wrapper gets blown around the city until it ends up in the Charles and ultimately...nothing improves.
We all understand the severity of the situation and CocoChew wants to be part of the solution. The question is ARE YOU WITH US?
March is a great month to get off our ass and make this happen. Today marks the start of The Great American Cleanup. An initiative by the Keep America Beautiful Organization to clean up our communities. Go to to find out more about how you can be part of the solution. When you go out to clean up your local dog park or town common, make sure to use the hashtag #cleanYOURblock. Day by day the word is spread, that plastic bag on your commute home gets picked up and eventually...America will be clean enough where you won't have to worry about where your furry children (or human children) play!