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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the toy made of?
The CocoChew is made entirely from coconut husk sourced from our incredible suppliers in the Philippines. Coconut husk is the outer fiber that encompasses a coconut while on the tree.
Is it safe for the dog to digest?
After speaking to over ten veterinarians we have confirmed that coconut husk is indeed passable in small quantities. Since the fibers that make up the husk are natural, dogs can easily digest and pass the fibers. You can think of the husk as coconut bark. Similar to a dog chewing on a stick, they will swallow small pieces of bark. Although this is fine you would not want to find that your dog has eaten the whole stick, right? The same is true for the CocoChew; it should always be treated as a toy not a treat. It is not food meant for ingestion.
How long does it last?
After polling over 200 customers, we found that the CocoChew lasts on average, 4-6 weeks. This may be different for your dog so please monitor play for the first few times your dog chews the toy.
What if my dog is a power chewer?
If your dog tends to destroy every toy you give them you can prolong the life of the CocoChew by limiting their daily use. Many of our customers think of the CocoChew as a dental tool as much as it is a toy. You can give your pup the CocoChew for 10-20 minutes a day and take it away. Think of this as brushing their teeth every day!
Where are they sourced?
The CocoChew is sourced and made in the Philippines. While visiting their farms, Chip and Ryan knew they found the perfect supplier after learning they were a social enterprise. By reinvesting their profits into their farms, you can be assured the CocoChews are sourced and harvested sustainably!To learn more read our Philippines Blog

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