Our Mission


Did you know that 93% of the 90 million dogs in the US are deemed orally unhealthy by veterinarian standards? Did you also know that maintaining your dog's oral health can help them live up to 6 years longer? Believe us, our jaws dropped too when we heard that. Luckily the team here at CocoChew LLC is on a mission to fix this problem, and have some fun along the way.

Through many tireless hours spent on the beach, we realized the unmistakable health benefits that dogs (and humans) can receive from coconuts. Over the past few years, we have been developing the CocoChew rope toy. This 100% all natural coconut fiber chew toy is not only safe, durable, and fun, but it can also help scrub some of that nasty plaque off of your pup's teeth. Wouldn't life be better for both of you if you didn't have to attack those chompers with a tiny toothbrush but your pooch also didn't wake you up with butt-breath? Well, that's now possible with the CocoChew. Visit Our Store to check out the selection, and follow us on social media to see dogs being, well, dogs.