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Our Story

In 2014, our founder Chip Linton traveled to Hawaii to visit a friend who was living on the Island of Maui.  While there, both Gino and Chip noticed a significant number of dogs chewing on fallen coconuts. After speaking with veterinarians on the island, they learned that the coconut husk is extremely effective in scrubbing teeth and maintaining quality dental health.

After four years of perfecting our design, we were finally ready to bring the CocoChew to you and your pup! The CocoChew team of four works diligently to provide the best toys in quality and durability. Our 100% all-natural coconut toys are made in the Philippines on farms with sustainable practices and quality working conditions. At CocoChew we believe that there shouldn't be any hard work involved in trying to find healthy products for your pets. We make it easy by providing an all-natural solution to a significant problem facing our pets and the quality of their teeth. Pick up a CocoChew today and see for yourself, just how effective they can be and always remember to brush naturally!

If you want to read the whole story, check it out here!


-CocoChew Team


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