All About Us


Very rarely does a team from a school project end up creating, and running with an industry changing idea together. Even more rarely does that project idea become the foundation to build a life-changing business around it. Well that is exactly how the CocoChew crew came to be. It began when Chip told Ryan, Chris and Ed about his trip to Hawaii, and his idea to make an all natural dog toy out of coconut husk. We were all immediately hooked on making this a reality.

To get a feel for what it would take, we took our canine concept and entered a startup competition at the University of New Hampshire. While competing in the Holloway Startup Competition, we continued our research and realized in depth, just how important dental health is to overall health in dogs. There is a major need for products made out of safe and natural materials, and there was hardly any animal health warriors to truly fulfill that need. It also didn’t hurt that we knew we’d get to work with dogs every paw print of the way.





We spent the summer of 2017 selling our hand tied CocoChews along Cape Cod at five bustling farmer’s markets. It was the perfect way to meet dog lovers and share our story, while learning about our customers (and their pups). After the market, we would head to the beach and continue tying CocoChews. Not a bad way to spend the summer, if we can say so ourselves.


While CocoChew makes awesome dog toys, we are much more than just a dog toy company. We believe in giving back and inspiring people to do more with their dogs. Attending events and hosting our own, allows us to give back to rescue-shelters and make a positive impact on surrounding communities.

From our infamous Tails ’n Ales events at local breweries to organizing a dog park cleanup, we are always looking for news ways to have fun with our pups and give back.



Once the demand picked up, we knew we had to find a way to get more coconut, and fast. Chip and Ryan made the journey to the Philippines on a quest to find a sustainable supplier of coconut husk. What we found was a company that did just that and more. They give back to their farmers by assisting with education and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to farm sustainably. They treat their workers with care and compassion. In turn, we were thrilled to do business with a company that wanted to improve lives as much as we did. Unsurprisingly (though we are pretty darn good), it turned out they are better at tying CocoChews then we are.



We are continually improving, expanding, and meeting more dogs and parents than ever. If you would like to hear directly from one of us or join our team of all-star retailers, please use one of our contact forms or give us a ring! We love to hear from each and every one of you.

-Chip, Chris, Ed, and Ryan of CocoChew